With over 300 galleries in Chelsea alone, the art world can be intimidating.  How do you start? Should you buy blue chip or emerging artists? What do you even like?

Armed with a degree in art history and studio art, and over 10 years of experience working in the art world before moving into interior design, Seawright advises clients on creating and expanding their collections.  Having worked at Christie’s and for private dealers in prints, 19th/20th century American and European, and Contemporary art she is well versed in many areas of collecting and has an extensive collection of her own. Seawright's marriage to artist Sam Seawright, offers her a unique perspective of the art world that most art advisers do not have as she is literally immersed in the art world.  As a designer, Seawright feels a home is incomplete until there is art on the walls. Whether we manage your full renovation, redecorate your home or transform your space with eye-catching art, our team creates the home you have always dreamed of!

Tara Seawright, Inc. oversees and manages all aspects of your art collection:

- Art selection
- Packing & Shipping  
- Conservation & Framing  
- Installing & Lighting
- Inventorying & Photography

We maintain a secure database of our clients’ collections, which includes complete documentation on each work.